As I know, many people want to browse or print their DWG files without the help of AutoCAD or distribute their files on the Internet. However, no matter how do you deal with the DWG files, you must ask AutoCAD for help. So it has became a difficulty to browse or distribute the DWG files. Since not every computer is equipped with the AutoCAD.

Whether there is an effective method to solve the difficulty. The Answer is yes. With the appearance of the DWG to PDF Converter, the difficulty is not a difficulty any more. The DWG to PDF Converter can help you to convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF directly without the help of any other devices.

Meanwhile, the DWG to PDF Converter has great editing functions, such as setting size of the output files, adding watermark. With these functions, you could make your unique PDF drawing. Besides, it supports batch conversion. If you have many files to be converted, the converter will save you much time.

There is the free trial version provided to you to have a try. You will want to own it as long as you have tried it once.


Key Features

An easy-to-use converter with high quality.

Batch conversion supported.

Create a single document for PDF files from DWG files or a single one for every converted DWG file.

Make advanced setting for the output files, such as adding watermark, background color and page size.

Retain true type fonts, TTS, text are searchable in PDF.

PDF encryption and password protection.

No need the help of AutoCAD

Preview the chosen files.

Step by Step to Convert DWG to PDF

If you are the first time to use this DWG to PDF Converter, you may as well follow the following instruction. Then you will find that the conversion is so simple.

Step 1: Download and install the DWG to PDF Converter.

Step 2: Add the files that are waiting for being converted. Here, you can choose to convert each individual file or an entire folder.

Step 3: Set the output quality, page size, layout, output color and output type if needed. If you want to keep the default type, this step is omitted.

Step 4: Set the background color, pen color, pen width and output pen color if needed.

Step 5: Browse to specify an output folder (or a file) and decide whether to add watermark and PDF encrypt. Besides, you also need click to choose whether retain truetype fonts or fill TTF Text and other further option.